Take Your F'n Handler Summer Blooms with Leopard 20oz Tumbler Handler fits YETI®

These neoprene Handlers fit perfectly over 20oz YETI® Tumblers and RTIC® Tumblers. They have a handle sewn onto them to help you carry your tumblers around in style and comfort. No more buying different pattern tumblers that take up a ton of space in your cabinet! With these Lit Handlers®, you can change your tumbler to match your outfit! Because they are made out of neoprene, They are also water resistant and machine washable! You also don't have to worry about washing your vinyl decal off anymore since you can press HTV onto neoprene. 

We are finding new bottles/items that these Handlers fit everyday and will start a running list down below as we discover the new sizes! 

 - 20-32oz Loaded Teas

 - Large Soft Drinks

 - 20oz Tumblers and Shaker Bottles

For heat press settings, We recommend 290-300 for 8-10 seconds. 


P.S. did we mention that these still fit in your cup Holder? 

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