Duck Hunting Water Sports Drink Cooler

These adorable,  neoprene sleeves will comfortably hold water bottles, Gatorade, soda bottles and so many more! The neoprene can stretch and is water resistant. There is also a nifty lanyard to help keep it close. Use them at the gym, running, beach, boating, lake, rock climbing, hiking, jazzercise'ing, everywhere!  HTV works great on these and many have had success in selling them in their Etsy stores or customizing for gifts. Compared to Koozie™, these durable can coolers keep your drinks cold while keeping your hands warm. 8) Can Coolers also work wonders for advertising and branding. Also known as Coozie™, Huggies, Huggers, Coolie™, or as a Cozy(really just depends on where you are from), Everyone will love these!

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